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"We will continue to use

Arrow Tree Service, and

also recommend them to

our friends. Thanks again!"


-- Brandon Newell

...These comments are unsolicited.

-- Kris Haight, Owner, Arrow Tree Service

In their own words

Arrow did a great job at my house! They removed a large silver maple and ground the stump and roots. They also trimmed a red maple to our liking. All work was done in a timely fashion and at the price quoted - which, may I add - was very reasonable!!! If you need tree work done, Arrow Tree Service is the company to call. Thanks again to the Arrow crew, for a job well done.  

-- Fred Gebbie

  30 October 2013

Timely work, done at a reasonable rate

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As usual, Kris and team went above and beyond the service requested. I really can't add any more to the glowing compliments already stated in the other testimonials, other than they tried to safely remove 2 cement sidewalk slabs, remove the tree root and place them back without damage. Though the job wasn't successful, due to the level of the sidewalk, they took the slabs away at a small cost and saved me the labor! I love a company that enjoys a challenge! I will continue to use Arrow and recommend to friends as often as possible. Thank you for your tenacity!

-- Joy Hoffer

  16 April 2012

I love a company that loves a challenge!

Thanks much to Kris and his great team of men. They did all work on my trees as per the estimate and cleaned up all debris. They actually took off some additional dead limbs which they saw would be problematic for me in the future. Professional and considerate guys, too. They don't get annoyed at a woman's many questions, either! I've used this company before and will use them again.  

--  Diane Truman, Rockhill Twp

   21 December 2011

Professional and considerate guys

The crew came to my mother's residence on 2 separate visits and did a fantastic job. Not only did they do a thorough job, but also worked very efficiently. We will continue to use Arrow Tree Service, and also recommend them to our friends. Thanks again!  

-- Brandon Newell

   23 June 2011

An ongoing recommendation

I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the tree service provided. It's this simple: I was contacted within a day after I left a message requesting an estimate. They were quick to come out and provide a quote. The office communicated well, regarding the schedule. Kris and his crew were professional, knowledgeable, and the price was very reasonable. They did a great job cleaning up the debris. I'm not sure what else you could ask for - I actually received great service at the level I expected . . . how refreshing? I would refer these guys in a second. Thank you!!!  

-- Dennis Huston

  10 June 2011

Great service at the level I expected . . . how refreshing!

Thank you Kris and crew for your honesty, reliability and professionalism. It is so refreshing to know that in today's world, there are business owners who are accountable and take pride in what they do. Thank you again, and I certainly will recommend you to anyone I have an opportunity to do so!  

-- Beverly Holzer

  1 June 2011

It's refreshing to know that some business owners are still accountable

Our family would like to thank your hard-working crews for the great work they did, safely removing the huge oak tree that fell on our house after the Groundhog Day ice storm. We so appreciate your prompt response. It was fascinating to watch the variety of specialized equipment that you brought to the task, and we were impressed by the crew's determination to finish the job before nightfall, despite the inclement conditions.


We've used Arrow Tree Service for routine maintenance for several years, now, and have always appreciated your good service and reasonable rates - and now are extremely grateful that you were there for us in the time of an emergency. Your good work didn't go unnoticed. Thank you!!! Sincerely,  

-- Andrea Canfield, The Canfield Family

  10 February 2011

We so appreciate your prompt response


”The crew removed 3 trees, topped 1 and ground the stumps. Cleared all debris, cut the wood to fireplace length...they worked hard and were sopolite! I recommend them highly”

-Joyce McCann 2019



“Highly impressed with the skill and fast service of tree removal done byArrow Tree Service on a tree that put our home at risk! Professional,courteous and great job completed safely! Well done Nate & Kris! Thank you!”

-Karen Hendricks 2017



“We are beyond pleased with the professional and skilled crew that completed our tricky project of taking down close to a dozen trees surrounding our pool, fencing, and shed without incident...they cleaned up extremely well, even in the snow we received. It was definitely a good value and experience. We would not hesitate to employ them again and highlyrecommend this service to our friends.”

-Lori Gallant Robertson 2019



“These guys did an excellent job! We had two medium size maple trees taken down and stump grinding for a reasonable price. Professional and polite! A very satisfied customer. Highly recommended! Thanks guys for an efficient job!”

-Theresa Yost 2018



“Best tree company in the world,love this guys ,good customer service, like family"

-John Figueira, 2015



“Just used their services and highly recommend them. They have a crew that is like a "well-oiled" machine. They do it all; from felling trees, leaning out brush, stump grinding and everything else we asked them to do. They were so easy to work with and, above all, their price was reasonable.”

-Baba Cornes, 2019