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The last part of the tree removal process, which is optional, is the grinding of the root system and the remaining stump. Stump grinding is the process of turning roots and stump wood into stump grinding or mulch. However, it is only the first step in preparing the area for grass.

Stump grinding services

"They tried to safely remove

2 cement sidewalk slabs to remove the tree root and place them back without damage. Though the job wasn't successful due to the level of the sidewalk, they took the slabs away at a small cost

and saved me the labor!

I love a company that

enjoys a challenge!"


-- Joy Hoffer

In order to promote grass growth, the mulch (stump grindings) need to be removed as grass will not grow on mulch as it contains too much acid.


The mulch (stump grindings) could possibly take years to break down.

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The process of removing grindings can be labor intensive and sometimes too much work for the homeowner, especially if it is unexpected, it can leave a customer feeling as if they are left with a large mess. Arrow Tree Service offers separate pricing on removal of all stump grindings, replacing with top soil and grass seed.


At Arrow Tree Service we have several stump grinders to help remove any unwanted stumps you may have on your property. Our knowledgeable and professional crew have a strong emphasis on leaving your property, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial, with a superb final clean-up!

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