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Maintaining your trees, shrubs, and bushes not only keeps your property looking great, but it can also keep your property safe. Dead limbs on your dogwood, elder, aspen, or sassafras trees can be dangerous. And unkempt bushes and shrubs cannot perform as well as they should, providing shade and wind protection, and also adding soil control. Get the most out of your property with proper maintenance from Arrow Tree Service LLC.

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"It was fascinating to

watch the variety of specialized equipment that you brought to the task, and we were impressed by the crew's determination to finish the job before nightfall, despite the inclement conditions."


-- Andrea Canfield

You may need more than just pruning and trimming. Get a thorough review of the trees and shrubs on your property when you give us a call today. With Arrow Tree Service LLC, the FREE estimate you get will be accurate and result in the most beneficial tree work at the most competitive of rates.

Free estimates and the most competitive rates

What we're going for is a home, business or industrial complex lot that looks like you truly care. With lovely foilage and inviting spaces - all courtesy of your well-managed trees - and Arrow Tree Service.

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Debris removal  

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• Lot clearing          


• Lawn restoration and grading

Hedge and shrub care

Cabling and bracing

Crane services

• Plant Health Care