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Trimming your hedges and shrubs may seem easy, but in reality, it can require quite a bit of thought and planning, not to mention time and energy. Call Arrow Tree Services LLC and keep your yard looking great.

Keep your hedges and shrubs in great condition

"I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with the tree service provided. It's this simple: I was contacted within a day after I left

a message requesting

an estimate. They were

quick to come out and

provide a quote."


- Dennis Huston

Call the experts at Arrow Tree Service LLC for proper care of your hedges, shrubs, bushes, and more!  


Promote healthy growth

Do you know how much you can trim your hedges or shrubs without hurting the plants? Let Arrow Tree Service LLC keep your commercial, residential, or industrial property well-groomed. Promote healthy, beautiful plants by allowing our professional staff keep your shrubs, bushes, and hedges pruned with the proper techniques and the right tools for the job.


Maintain your property with Arrow Tree Service LLC

Proper care for any plant

Keep your property looking great and call 215-721-1339

Tree removal

Cabling and bracing

Stump grinding

• Lawn restoration and grading

Crane services

Tree pruning

Debris removal

Emergency services

• Lot clearing

Trimming your hedges is about more than making them look good, but about keeping your plants in excellent health. Regular upkeep can help stop unhealthy undergrowth.

Hedges and Shrubs